About Levita

Levita Chemical International n.v. started its activities more than 50 years ago. Across the years, initial operations let place to actual main business of selling under distribution contracts or agencies all kind of chemical products to large- and medium-sized companies in Europe. Today the core business of Levita is dedicated to the Benelux.

During all these years the company developed a very strong relationship with each of its suppliers and principals in order to offer the best service to its customers. This particular lasting relationship with some of these suppliers allowed us to benefit from their development and strategic evolution, enhancing our range of products in constant parallel with the highest technologies.

In all its specific domains, Levita is able to offer the most complete and technically advanced solutions on very short notice. Each individual company receives a comprehensive service in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

The Strengths of Levita are the keys to its success:
- Development of a custom-made service.
- A perfect knowledge of the Benelux chemical market.
- An excellent knowledge of chemical products and their applications
- Close contacts with large chemical concerns.
- Neighbourhood of harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam.
- Strong logistic knowledge (road, rail and ship).
- Strong financials.
- A strong and dynamic team.