• Vitaflavan, the haute couture of plant extracts

    22/4 2016

      You want to know why you should use Vitaflavan instead of another grapeseed extract? Vitaflavan is backed up by over 30 studies on Metabolic syndrom, cardiovascular health, antioxidant and veinotonic power, slimming.  Only a highly purified extract as Vitaflavan can give such promising results, that's why many studies are done using the Vitaflavan. Interested to know more about it? A brochure with all studies explaining the science behind Vitaflavan is now available on request. Follow this link to have more details or contact us.     
  • Ercros invest 28 millions in the factory of Sabiñanigo

    14/4 2016

    Ercros plans to invest 28 million euros in Sabñanigo. The main project is the construction of a plant to produce chlorine and caustic sauda by membrane electrolysis technology. The plant will have a 15000tons annual production capacity of soda and obtain 14000 additional annual tons of chlorine. The second major project will expand the TCCA capacity from 22.000 to 28.000T/year. Please read the full article here