• Ercros invest 28 millions in the factory of Sabiñanigo

    14/4 2016

    Ercros plans to invest 28 million euros in Sabñanigo. The main project is the construction of a plant to produce chlorine and caustic sauda by membrane electrolysis technology. The plant will have a 15000tons annual production capacity of soda and obtain 14000 additional annual tons of chlorine. The second major project will expand the TCCA capacity from 22.000 to 28.000T/year. Please read the full article here  
  • Regulations, promises or studies...

    12/2 2016

    EFSA regulations aimes the protection of consumers for food supplement. Although this regulation only applies to health and not beauty Purextracts endorsed  its beauty claims by investing in a double blind study, at random versus placebo, on a panel of 34 subjects to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cosmythic on skin beauty. Read the full article here or contact us for more information.