• Purextract versus crude extracts...

    24/9 2015

    Great job from Purextracts team to put an end to preconceived ideas about polyphenols and OPC. Four myths regarding polyphenols and OPC proven to be false. 1. All pine species are NOT the same. 2. Crude extracts or purified extracts may have the same amount of polyphenols, it does NOT mean they're equivalent. 3. A crude extract is NOT closer to nature than a purified one. 4. A purified extract is NOT much more expensive than a crude extract Have a look right here !        
  • Discover the world of Purextract

    18/3 2015

    Levita and the Benelux market are this weeks item on Purextracts blog... ! “We and Purextract are all part of the same family. We share common values.” “The three countries are similar in their health-consciousness and awareness of the importance of well-being. But each of them has special characteristics." “We strongly believe in the future of the market and the potential of Purextract products.”  “Nathalie’s responsible for the market; Yannick’s always there to help us out with technical questions; and Fabienne does an outstanding administrative job. The three of them complement one another perfectly! “ Check it out the complete article on the blog!