• Regulations, promises or studies...

    12/2 2016

    EFSA regulations aimes the protection of consumers for food supplement. Although this regulation only applies to health and not beauty Purextracts endorsed  its beauty claims by investing in a double blind study, at random versus placebo, on a panel of 34 subjects to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cosmythic on skin beauty. Read the full article here or contact us for more information.        
  • Purextract versus crude extracts...

    24/9 2015

    Great job from Purextracts team to put an end to preconceived ideas about polyphenols and OPC. Four myths regarding polyphenols and OPC proven to be false. 1. All pine species are NOT the same. 2. Crude extracts or purified extracts may have the same amount of polyphenols, it does NOT mean they're equivalent. 3. A crude extract is NOT closer to nature than a purified one. 4. A purified extract is NOT much more expensive than a crude extract Have a look right here !