• Highly Water Soluble pine extracts

    23/10 2014

    PurExtract introduced at FIE Jakarta there new grade of Higly Water Soluble Cosmythic and Oligopin. This technical innovation implemented by Purextract is dedicated to formula in drinks, mineral waters, one shot drinks, teas and other beverages. The Cosmethic HWS will please a lot of cosmetic producers as it is ideal to include in to the formulas for lotion, creams, etc.  Contact us for more information.  
  • A plant odyssey

    04/7 2014

    Two years after the launch of its dedicated website, Purextract introduces a new digital tool: The blog underlines the vertical integration providing complete tracebility from harvest to extraction. This business model differentiate Purextract from its competitors. The idea of this new tool is to increase the proximity to customers by attachment to the brand, the roots and the values of Purextract. With this new tool Purextract wants to share scientific, industrial and marketing information with transparency. Have a look...